Vibrant Big Sur
New Paintings
Written by Jeremy Harper   
Friday, 31 August 2012 19:24


Vibrant Big Sur
oil on canvas

My 5 year old boy Theo was with me for the second weekend in a row to paint and explore the Big Sur coast. I brought a dozen of his favorite toys and set up an elaborate train layout in the back of my camper shell. My brother Blair was with us for this trip and we were painting just a few feet from a 500 foot vertical drop so Theo had to stay on lockdown. I had my back to the open passenger window of my truck where Theo was leaning out much of the time to check on us as we painted. He behaved so well for the first hour but as time went on he leaned out the window more and more with requests to move onwards. I was practically giving him a piggy back ride in the end there and some of his youthful energy overflowed into this painting.