Commissioned painting of Santa Barbara
New Paintings
Written by Jeremy Harper   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 16:12


Looking down East Beach
oil on canvas
commissioned work

This painting was done from the grassy knoll on the banks of Mission creek. Its become the local turf of some of SB's most motley crew. The inebriated homeless type. They were actually not bad. You had to get used to hearing the gravely voiced swear words every second or two. One man named "Hobo" and his pitbull stuck close to my side from start to finish on day two. I felt like we actually became friends. He told me all about his life of a cowboy, raised in Montana on the wrong side of the tracks. He lost two of his sons to drugs and one of his wives to cancer. He holds rodeo records and proudly boasted of "pissing on a cop" the night before. Painting out doors always brings something interesting into each experience.