Point Magu
New Paintings
Written by Jeremy Harper   
Thursday, 11 November 2010 19:47


Point Magu Sunset
oil on canvas

Last Sunday there was a collage workshop that I was signed up for in Santa Monica. It was through my boys preschool and as an artist it seemed fitting that I would attend because I am on the art committee there. I wasn't looking forward to spending a day in LA but then I remembered that stretch of coast that hugs Highway One. "I could paint on the way home, and I'll even bring my board and who knows, maybe there will be some surf" So I willingly went and it was worth it from the get go. As I rounded Point Magu the sun rose above the south land in a sky of pink. I forgot to set my clock back so I got there an hour and fifteen minutes early.  My mistake enabled me to ride a few little glassy gems out at Topanga point. Wet and smiling I arrived. Five hours later I was back on the road heading for Point Magu to paint. The sun set quickly and it got more gorgeous by the minute. As I cleaned my brushes and palette the whole sky turned bright orange and actually appeared to be on fire. Not a regrettable day at all like I had played out in my head in the very beginning.